Friday , 12 August 2022

The Young Ambassadors programme by the European Olympic Committees

The project has been launched by the EOC Culture and Legacy Commission, chaired by Finnish NOC Vice president Susanna Rahkamo, to support the young athletes participating in the European Youth Olympic Festival events. The first education programme for Young Ambassadors focused on the recent 2017 Winter EYOF.

The program started in November 2016 when all ambassadors prepared a short video introduction about their personal achievements just to get the communication started. People with various backgrounds and roles in sport expressed firm interest in leading their national teams and strengthening international friendship. In the following weeks several educational materials were carefully studied in order to stress the main points in the history of the Olympic movement and effectively communicate Olympic values to young athletes. The preparation period lasted for four months and saw regular online meetings until 13 ambassadors finally talked face-to-face in Erzurum on February 11.

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