Tuesday , 28 May 2024

The Honorary Member of the IOC Shun Ichiro Okano, passed away

The former international football Japanese player and IOC member, Shun-ichiro Okano passed away. He won the bronze medal in football at the Olympic Games Mexico City 1968, four years after coaching the Japanese team at the Olympic Games Tokyo 1964. He then went on to hold the highest positions at the Japanese Football Association: President (1998-2002), Honorary President (2002-2008) and Supreme Advisor (2008-2017). He was instrumental in helping Japan and the Republic of Korea successfully host the 2002 FIFA World Cup as Committee Chairman throughout the event.

Okano joined the IOC in 1990 and became Honorary Member in 2012. He was a member of the Olympic Programme (1992-1994) and Sport and Environment (1996-2001) IOC Commissions. He became involved with the Olympic Programme Commission again in 2001, until the end of his term as IOC Member in 2011.

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