Saturday , 18 May 2024

The greatest Olympic village in the history of the Olympic Games!

During the Olympic Games in August, this huge site next to Barra Olympic Park will be the temporary home for thousands of young athletes from around the world, all of whom have come here to live their own Olympic dream. The job of Cilenti, and his army of staff and volunteers, is to make sure that the the largest athletes' village in history provides a comfortable, welcoming and inspiring place for all those competitors.

In Rio, the village consists of 31 brand-new buildings of up to 17 floors each, with a total of 3,604 apartments, stretching 1.5km (about 1 mile) long. As well as more than 10,000 athletes, the Olympic Village will play host to officials from national delegations, including coaches, doctors and psychologists. At peak time in the middle of the Olympic Games, about 18,000 people will call the village home. Furthermore, about 13,000 staff and volunteers will be working in this massive complex.

Photo: Andre Motta

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