Thursday , 20 January 2022

The new look of the Olympic and Paralympic tickets of Rio 2016!

Rio 2016 unveiled the 'look' of the tickets for the Olympic and Paralympic Games at the organising committee's headquarters. And the colourful yet practical designs will soon be winging their way out to sports fans around the world who have bought tickets to the Games. The tickets feature the Rio 2016 sport pictograms, which for the first time in Games history, have one for each Olympic and Paralympic sport.

The tickets are being produced by the same graphic design company in the USA that produced the tickets for the London 2012 Olympic Games. More than four million tickets for the Olympic Games – 67% of the total available – have already been sold. Two million tickets remain on sale and every Thursday a new batchs of tickets, including for some of the most sought-after events, are going on sale to Brazilian residents.

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No more illegal parking of vehicles on ramps for people with disabilities in Athens!

A total of 830 sensors were placed by the Municipality of Athens on ramps and crossings for people with special needs, to deal with antisocial parking. "It's not just a lack of respect, it's like saying that you are absolutely indifferent to the person with disabilities, to the grandfather, the grandmother, the mom with the child", stressed the mayor Kostas Bakogiannis speaking to SKAI. As he explained, the sensor, as soon as a car approaches, automatically notifies the municipal police, who will arrive at the spot in real time. Also, those who park at crossings or ramps will be removed the plates and the driving license for 60 days, without a fine.

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