Thursday , 25 April 2024

The Museum which inspired by Rio

On the cusp of a new year that will see the city host the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America, a stunning new attraction – the Museum of Tomorrow – has opened. Devoted to exploring the possibilities of a sustainable future through interactive artefacts that bring science, art, technology and culture together, the giant spaceship-like building is the centre-piece of a regeneration project that has been inspired by the Rio 2016 Games.

Situated in the previously run-down Praça Mauá, the ‘experimental museum’ is part of a huge project to revitalize the neglected port region, an initiative that has seen a giant, ugly elevated highway demolished, underground traffic tunnels and a light-rail tram service constructed, a new art museum built and kilometers of new walking, cycling and leisure areas opened up alongside the city center waterfront. It is widely considered that the Rio 2016 Games acted as a catalyst to attract investment and get the project off the drawing boards.

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