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"My goal is an Olympic medal'' The Olympic marathon swimmer Spyros Gianniotis in a long all-inclusive interview in olympicus.gr

Spyros Gianniotis, having secured their qualification for the Olympic Games Rio 2016, heading full steam for another Olympic success. Having been in the possession of seven world medals and Olympic successes in Athens and London, wishes to complete the great career in the best possible way. The Corfiot champion 'opens his cards' in olympicus.gr and talks about all aspects of his athletic career.

Today you're an accomplished athlete. What were the first steps as a swimmer to reach this high level?

I did my first steps with my mother. She was giving me the impetus of the pool, as was pretty high level swimmer as well. To give you an example of characteristics of my childhood and i say it for the first time publicly. The first time I managed to finish the 50 metres without touching the lanes, I felt so proud and really I consider doing huge achievement. From that moment the germ of swimming came inside me and I continue to present day.

What is the best and the worst sporting moment of your career?

I had enough good moments and separated into two categories. At pool, culminating in 5η place in the final of the 1500 meters at the Olympic Games in Athens and the good moments of Open Water, two world firsts in 2011 and 2013 in Shanghai and Barcelona respectively. The worst sporting moment was my 4η place at the London Olympics, but not related of rank. At that time i was ready for a medal, and I had gotten so close to the dream of the Olympic medal. It was really a very difficult time.

You are at the start line in a World Championship and in an event of Olympic Games. The feeling is the same or the Olympics offer special experiences?

My first Olympic participation was in Sydney in 2000, then as a young swimmer without particular hopes. However, when I went up to the diving board he had caught incredible thrill, the feeling was amazing. In the Olympics you are in a different psychology than a World Championship. This plays a role in climate and the idea of ​​the Olympics, even the feeling of pride you feel when you represent your country in this event.

Whole Greece noticed the disappointment on your face after your race in London at 2012. What led to revisions and reenter dynamically on the road to Rio?

After the finish line in London, a lot of things came through my mind. The first was the age, I knew that in Rio would be 36 years old and the room we were more closely. But then I saw things more logically and realistically, I said that from the moment that my body can, I'll put my whole soul to go on and on about the Rio.

In 2012 you had the pleasure and honor to be the first torchbearer for the Games in London. Would you like to describe this moment?

Among the many honors that I have received, this time to rank the top along with that when I was a flag bearer at the closing ceremony of London. When the flame was lit in Ancient Olympia, I felt within me an incredible thrill and thought that eventually this is our history. Also, being selected as the first torchbearer is one reward for my efforts. It was just exciting time!

After your successes you are most recognizable person in sport and Olympism. Do you think the publicity has brought changes in your character?

Certainly the publicity makes changes, for some people are big and for others smaller. Regarding to me, I believe that has changed for the better. This really I like the part of publicity is the recognition of sporting achievements from the world to me, for me is very significant reward and gives me the motivation and the momentum to improve continuously.

You ensure quiet early the ticket for Rio. Relieved now from the stress of qualification, may establish your goals for the the upocoming Olympic Games?

Indeed qualification for Rio came early and thankfully now I want to prepare myself as best as possible for there. I want to get in the best physical condition and if i succeed this, I'll be in very good psychological condition. Regarding goals, surely I miss an Olympic medal. For this I swim and I try ... In 2016 I will have additional experience will prepare properly but to get to the medal should get over myself. Right now I do not created to myself that pressure and stress and I'm committed to my training.

You already decided that will 'hang' your cap after the Games in Rio or you think to continue the active swimming life?

I have already said that Rio for me will be the end of my career, but I have not yet worked out in my mind the next day. But certainly I will put new priorities and initially my family. In the part of sports, I like to devote myself to the transmission of my knowledge and experience to the new swimming generation. I feel it not only as a natural evolution, but as a commitment.

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