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The Olympic and Paralympic Values through Art!

British Olympic track and field athlete Roald Bradstock has brought together dozens of Olympians and Paralympians through his project ‘Art of the Olympians’ (AOTO), creating a virtual and physical platform where they can show their creative side, express themselves, showcase their work and document their involvement in the arts.

As explained by Bradstock, the term ‘artists’ refers to people involved in “painting, drawing, print making, sculpture, photography, graphic and fashion design, music, acting, writing, poetry, etc.” Great Britain’s poet Chris Channon and USA’s Paralympic champion and painter Gregory Burns are the two Paralympic artists who have joined the project since its foundation in 2006. There are up to 59 confirmed artists now, but Bradstock, known as the ‘Olympic Picasso,’ believes there is yet a lot more that can be achieved through AOTO.

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