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Historic moments for the Kallimarmaro Stadium

A new great record of visitors was broken in the Panathinaiko Stadium in 2015. On the completion of the year, the gate of the Stadium passed 199,366 visitors, as 42,051 are students of schools. In total since April 2010, when the Panathenaiko Stadium reopened its doors to the public by the Hellenic Olympic Committee, to 6 January, the total number was 709,448 visitors.
The guests, through the automatic audio guide system which is offered in 10 languages, know the history of the stadium and have the opportunity to visit the Terrace-Museum of the Panathinaiko Stadium, which gives each person the opportunity to see the posters and torches of the Olympics from 1896 to present days.

Πηγή: Ελληνική Ολυμπιακή Επιτροπή

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