Tuesday , 21 May 2024

Subsidy of 7 Federations by the HOC for the 2024 Olympic Games

The Plenary of theHellenic Olympic Committeeunanimously decided to subsidize seven Sports Federations with 241,748 euros to cover the costs of Olympic Preparation for "Paris 2024".

These Sports Federations submitted relevant requests to the Olympic Preparation Committee of the HOC and which presented them to the Plenary for approval.

All the money that will be given to the Sports Federations comes from its own revenuesHellenic Olympic Committeeand come from sponsorships and exploitation of the facilities without burdening the Greek taxpayer.

The money that will be given for Olympic Preparation is as follows:

E.K.O.F.N.S.112.345,00 euros and the grant concerns the athletes Stefanos Douskos, Antonis Papakonstantinou, Petros Gaidantzis, Evangelia Anastasiadou, Zoe Fitsiou, Milena Kontou, Evangelia Frangou, Thanassis Palaiopanos, Yiannis Kalandaridis, Ioanna Asvesta, Dimitris Boukouvalas and Zissis Boukouvalas.

SEGAS20.303 euros, for the preparation of Karalis Emmanouil, Pesiridou Elizabeth, Gusin Tatiana, Andrikopoulos Nikolaos, Tentoglou Miltiadis, Pantazis Andreas and Karydis Spyridoulas.

E.F.O.A.25.000,00 euros for the preparation of Despina Papamichael and Valentini Grammatikopoulou.

E.O.K.€26,600 for the participation of the 3x3 team in tournaments in France and the Europe Cup in Bratislava.

E.O.I.9,750 euros for Ioli Mytilineos, Monica Martini, Angelos Touloupis and Elias Baliousis.

E.O.P.E.20,000 euros for men's women's beach volleyball teams

E.G.O.27.750 for the participation of the National team of the ansable in the World Cup Sofia R.G. and the European Gymnastics W.G.

Since the beginning of the year, the Hellenic Olympic Committee has given the Sports Federations the amount of 315,566 euros to cover Olympic Preparation expenses, to which is added the 241,748 euros that have now been decided.

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