Wednesday , 19 June 2024

At the Kallimarmaro Stadium the participants of the World Gymnastics Congress for All

The visit to the Panathenaic Stadium made special the 2nd day of the World Congress of Gymnastics for All of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), which takes place in Athens with "hostess" the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and with the participation of representatives from 44 countries, covering geographically all five continents.

With the support of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the 73 participants toured the emblematic Kallimarmaro, the stadium that is synonymous with the rebirth of the Olympic Games, but also has a close relationship with Gymnastics for All, through the presentations of the sport that take place as part of the cultural program of the Olympic Flame Tradition Ceremonies.

Something similar happened during this visit of the global family of Gymnastics for All, as three programs were presented by respective Greek teams, under the supervision of the Technical Committee of Gymnastics for All of the G.G.O. and its President and General Secretary of the Federation, Kostas Pantazis.
Specifically, specially designed programs were executed by the Olympiad of Thrakomakedones, the Ellino-English Agogi – Protomarch and the Axia GAS.

Then the participants participated themselves experientially, following the rhythm of the choreography and the beautiful experience ended with all participants dancing the syrtaki of "Zorba", after Kostas Pantazis and the President of the FIG Gymnastics Committee for All, Rogerio Valerio, warmly thanked the HOC and its President Spyros Capralos for the hospitality in Kallimarmaro.

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