Saturday , 9 December 2023

Start for the national golf championship in Thessaloniki

From tomorrow Friday (31/3) until Sunday (April 2nd) the "heart" of Golball will beat in Thessaloniki as the National Championship for men and women will be held at the National Athletics Club of Neapolis.

Seven (7) teams (4 men and 3 women) will fight for the title of champion and respectively champion, for 2023.

We remind you that last year the champion in men was crowned Thunderbolt and in women Clio Thessaloniki.

Goalball1 2

The program in detail

Friday, March 31,
14:00 Hephaestus-Clio Thessaloniki
15:00 Ionas-Torch
17:00 Jonah-Hephaestus
18:00 Torch-Clio Thessaloniki
20:00 Clio Thessaloniki-Ionas
21:00 Hephaestus-Torch

16:00 Hephaestus-Torch
19:00 Torch- Clio Thessaloniki

Saturday, April 1,
09:00 Ionas-Clio Thessaloniki
10:00 Torch-Hephaestus
12:00 Clio Thessaloniki-Hephaestus
14:00 Clio Thessaloniki-Torch
15:00 Hephaestus-Ionas
17:00 Torch-Ionas
11:00 Clio Thessaloniki-Hephaestus
13:00 Clio Thessaloniki-Torch
16:00 Torch-Hephaestus
18:00 Hephaestus-Clio Thessaloniki

Goalball panellinio

Sunday, April 2,
10:15 Semi-final
12:45 Final
09:00 Semi-final
11:30 Final
Awards 14:00

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