Thursday , 21 September 2023

Herbalife Official Nutrition Supporter of the Hellenic Olympic Team

In the presence of a large number of people present in the press room of OAKA, Herbalife with the Herbalife24 sports nutrition series, announced the renewal of its cooperation with the Hellenic Olympic Committee and inaugurated its new partnership, with the Hellenic Paralympic Committee, as "Official Nutrition Supporter of the Greek Olympic and Paralympic Team", supporting the effort of Greek athletes to qualify for the Olympic Games "Paris 2024".
Η συνεργασία επισημοποιήθηκε με την κοινή Συνέντευξη Τύπου που παραχώρησαν, ο Πρόεδρος της Ελληνικής Ολυμπιακής Επιτροπής, Μέλος της Διεθνούς Ολυμπιακής Επιτροπής και Πρόεδρος των Ευρωπαϊκών Ολυμπιακών Επιτροπών, Σπύρος Καπράλος, ο Πρόεδρος της Ελληνικής Παραολυμπιακής Επιτροπής, Γιώργος Καπελάκης και η Ναταλία Μελισσινού, Γενική Διευθύντρια της Herbalife Ελλάδας, Κύπρου & Λιβάνου. Την παρουσίαση της εκδήλωσης ανέλαβε η Brand Ambassador της Herbalife, Δούκισσα Νομικού, ενώ την εκδήλωση τίμησε με την παρουσία του ο Γενικός Γραμματέας Αθλητισμού, Γιώργος Μαυρωτάς. Σύντομο χαιρετισμό, απηύθυνε και ο Συντονιστής Γενικός Διευθυντής του ΟΑΚΑ, Κωνσταντίνος Χαλιορής.
In recent years, Herbalife has strengthened Greek sports and Greek athletes and paraathletes, supporting them in every new venture through sponsorships. Regarding the cooperation with the Hellenic Olympic and Paralympic Committee, 54 Greek athletes have made use of Herbalife's sponsorship of Herbalife24 products, receiving products with a total value of € 220,000, while 16 Different Greek champions and 5 Greek Athletes with disabilities, have been granted directly by Herbalife in the last 5 years, receiving a total of € 180,000. At the same time, Herbalife sponsors major mass sports events, thus contributing to the dissemination of healthy and active lifestyles and athletic ideals, while the total value of its contribution to Greek sports over the last five years is valued at over € 1,200,000.
The Press Conference ended with the announcement of the team of athletes that Herbalife sponsors for 2023 who were honored for their contribution to Greek sports and consists of:
• Anastasia Marinakou (Middle Distance Champion)
• Christos Volikakis (World track cycling champion)
• Konstantinos Zikos (Track and field champion in speed races)
• Makis Kalaras (Paralympian)
• Byron Kokkalanis (Olympic champion in sailing)
• Dimitris Markos (Olympian swimming)
• Demosthenes Michalentzakis (Paralympian)
• Helen Claudia Pollak (Track and field champion in pole vault)
• Giorgos Spanoudakis (Swimming Champion)
• George Tzanos (World karate champion)
• Chejon Fernandes (Paralympian)

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