Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Collaboration of Iraklis Thessaloniki with the Association of Friends of People with Disabilities - "Action for something else"

G.S. HERACLES of Thessaloniki, is pleased to announce the beginning of cooperation with the Association of Friends of People with Disabilities - "Action for something else". The Association of Friends of People with Disabilities – "Action For Something Else" is a non-profit – voluntary association, founded in 2010, following a relevant decision of the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki, by professionals and graduates of University Departments
Special Education, with the aim of combating social exclusion, inequality and discrimination in people with disabilities.
The Association's activities extend to the following services:
1. Center for the Creative Employment of People with Disabilities
2. Design of a Supported Living Home for people with disabilities
3. Work Spectrum: a training programme for employers and employees aimed at
transform their workplaces into holistically accessible environments
4. Actions to inform and educate the community on issues related to
5. Psychosocial Support for Families
6. Camp Program
Following the philosophy that advocates equal participation in
"Diversity", the whole operation of our program is based on the equal and selfless fermentation that results from the interaction between different specialties, such as volunteers, employees and people with disabilities. The result is the creation of a model social model in which they do not substantially and responsibly
there is a surplus of it.

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