Tuesday , 18 June 2024

Presentation of the Paralympic Boccia at the Intercultural Gymnasium of Evosmos

With another presentation of the sport of Boccia, the educational program: "Paralympic Sports" of the National Sports Federation of People with Disabilities continued. This program is addressed to students of Elementary, Special Elementary School, Gymnasium, Special Gymnasium, General Lyceum, E.E.E.E.K.

The presentation took place at the Intercultural Gymnasium of Evosmos, in Thessaloniki. Penelope Karabeidou, champion of Greece and member of the National team, in the bc3 category, with ramp user Kyriakos Karabeidis, undertook this time to show the "secrets" of Boccias, to the students of the Intercultural Gymnasium, within the framework of the program "Paralympic Sports".
The purpose of this program is not only to inform parents, teachers and then their children-students about the Paralympic Sports, but also to give them the motivation to participate, play sports or train like the rest of their peers. Whether they are in general education with support, or in special.

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