Saturday , 18 May 2024

International medals for the Greek Paralympic Bench Weightlifting!

Paschalis Kouloumoglou took the podium of the 12th Fazza World Cup ParaPowerlifting, held in Dubai, twice and won the bronze medal, with the 3rd best performance in 184k. The Greek champion of bench weightlifting twice broke the Panhellenic record, the old one was 180k. with his efforts being respectively, at 173k,181k. and finally 184k.. From this year, with the new data, he wins another medal, as he was 2nd in all efforts, with 538k.

With the 3rd best performance (it is the one that counts for the Paralympic Games) he is 5th in the ranking list, of his category for Paris and his participation in them is considered almost certain. Paschalis Kouloumoglou participates in the event with personal sponsorship.
Also, the bronze medal was won by Konstantinos Dimou, at +107k. at the 12th Fazza World Cup ParaPowerlifting, which concluded today (Saturday, 17/12), in Dubai. The Greek champion, who is an "adopted" athlete by "Hygeia" for 2022, through the sponsorship program of cooperation of EAOM- People with Disabilities, "Adoption of athletes with disabilities", was ranked 6th, in the best performance, with efforts at 223kg, 230kg. and 232k., respectively. Dimou took 3rd place in total with 685kg, which took him to the podium and won the bronze medal.

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