Monday , 22 July 2024

Protocol of Cooperation between Arcturos and the Disabled Federation

A protocol of cooperation was signed a few days ago by the ARCTUROS and the National Confederation of People with Disabilities (E.S.A.meA.). The two organizations join forces with the central motto "Support and Empower diversity in nature, animals, humans".

The aim of the cooperation is to achieve a common vision: equal access of people with disabilities, people with chronic diseases and their families to the natural environment on an equal basis with all citizens. and in the structures of the International Environmental Center ARCTUROS.

What the partnership includes:

The protocol signed by the president of E.S.A.meA., Ioannis Vardakastanis and the general director of ARCTUROS, Dr. Alexandros Karamanlidis, describes the framework of cooperation between the two sides with the ultimate goal of renewing and modernizing the structures of ARCTUROS, in order to offer equal access to all people to a unique experience: the visit to the ARCTUROS International Environmental Center, located in a natural area of particular beauty and rich in biodiversity in the wider area of Amyntaio, Florina. The visit will include a guided tour of modern museums, viewing wild animals in their natural habitat and touring natural trails.

At the same time, the vision extends to more holistic actions and includes evolutionary: 1) the creation of digital accessibility to the ARCTUROS website, 2) the inclusion of employees with disabilities in the human resources of ARCTUROS, 3) the creation of Environmental Education programs for people with disabilities, 4) the participation of people with disabilities in the volunteering activities of ARCTUROS, etc.

E.S.A.meA., through the Institute of the National Confederation of People with Disabilities and Chronic Diseases (IN-ESAM), will provide training to the staff of ARCTUROS in relation to the service and conciliation with people with disabilities, chronic diseases and their families. Finally, the cooperation includes other individual actions, such as participation in programs, exchange of know-how and provision of information to entrepreneurs of the tourism sector in the area of Amyntaio, about the benefits of approaching the market of people with disabilities and other population groups with similar characteristics.

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