Monday , 17 June 2024

Greek-Albanian cooperation on education issues by the Federation of the Deaf

In the framework of the cooperation of the Federation of the Deaf of Greece with the Albanian Federation of the Deaf (ANAD) on education issues - which began in 2019 with the educational visit of the OMKE. in Albania - we had the great pleasure to welcome in turn an ANAD delegation to Athens, on 07-08 December 2022 for a two-day event rich in visits / tours to the special schools of deaf-hard of hearing students.
The Director General of ANAD Mr. Florjan Rojba, the Director of the special school for the deaf in Tirana Mrs. Orjola Idrizi, the President of the OME. Mrs. Simpsis Konstantinos and the Vice-President B' Mrs. Isari Sofia visited the Special Gymnasium – Lyceum of K / B Agia Paraskevi, the Special Primary School K / B Lykovrisi - Pefki and the special schools K / B Argyroupoli (Kindergarten, Elementary and Gymnasium - Lyceum).
The delegation presented the Greek legislation as well as the educational material for the education of deaf and hard of hearing students by Dr. Dr. Kourbeti Vasileios and Yp. Dr. Karipi Spyridoula, respectively.
As our country is an example of best practice for upgrading and modernizing education in the neighboring country, the ANAD delegation departed having gained significant experience and knowledge.

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