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The Athletic Association of People with Disabilities EAGLES OF THESSALONIKI at a NATO conference

In the period 15-18 November 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria, a final meeting of the #SafeSPORTevent project was held in which the sports club of people with disabilities "Eagles of Thessaloniki" participates. During the meeting, the project consortium participated in the
international conference "Strategic review: NATO's new strategic concept and the EU's strategic compass. Perspectives from central and eastern European member states", organised by the Sofia Security Forum, project partner. During the event, the #SafeSPORTevent team had the opportunity to present the results of the project, as well as ideas and good practices in the field of safety and security in sport, and views were exchanged on the possible development of mutual cooperation for
the matter in the future.
The work #SafeSPORTevent comes at very difficult times for Europe and the world, when safety is vital and the sport sector is no exception. #SafeSPORTevent is an Erasmus+ co-funded initiative that aims to protect athletes, officials and fans participating in sporting events from health and safety risks by improving training and competition conditions and especially during important safety threads that must be addressed with specific safety protocols. More about #SafeSPORTevent in

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