Monday , 20 March 2023

Olympic cooperation between Greece, Estonia and Lithuania

The Olympic Committee of Lithuania and the Olympic Academies of Estonia and Greece, have the pleasure to announce their cooperation through the program Erasmus+ "Olympic education: from Ancient Olympia to European practices".

The idea of the program is to bring together 50 teachers from 3 European countries: Greece, Lithuania and Estonia working in the fields of education, youth and sports.

During a 7-day educational visit to Ancient Olympia, they will have the opportunity to get to know examples of training practices through sports. Also, to be initiated into the history of the ancient Olympic movement and to analyze the cultural concepts of Olympism. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to share best practices in education through sport from 3 European countries and to analyse the opportunities for cooperation between the areas of youth work, education, sport and NGOs.

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