Tuesday , 23 April 2024

The International Session of the Olympic Academies and Committees in Ancient Olympia was completed

The 15η An international session for representatives of National Olympic Academies and National Olympic Committees concluded its work on July 21 with a moving closing ceremony. After two and a half years, the IOA welcomed to its facilities in ancient Olympia the representatives of the EDAs and NAIs, with the participation of 75 countries and 98 delegates.

As stated in his presentation at the opening ceremony of the Synod, the President of the IOA, Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos "Welcome to your home! I feel blessed to be here with you today! You are the heart of the Mission of the International Olympic Academy! Your dedicated Olympic spirit to the work of the IOA, your contribution and your action in the dissemination of the Olympic Values and Olympic Education make you indeed the main servants and true ambassadors of the principles of Olympism.

The speakers explored the possibilities of digitalization in the new era in which we have entered, after the pandemic that forced us to limit our activities and adapt to a new reality.


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