Tuesday , 18 June 2024

"Empowering girls through sport" by the Turkish Olympic Committee

The Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) launched the project "Empowering girls through sport" at an event in Diyarbakir with the aim of contributing to the empowerment of girls through sport, supporting their education and contributing to their physical, mental and social development.

The project aims to help challenge existing gender norms, while the inclusion of female coaches seems to provide strong role models to inspire greater participation in sport among students. The project includes teaching by professional Turkish athletes and trained coaches in volleyball, basketball and badminton. In addition, students are provided with sportswear and equipment to ensure that everyone can take part.

At the event held in Diyarbakir on Saturday, May 28, about 300 female students were given their new sports equipment and clothes. Their enthusiasm was clear, as Turkish international badminton player Aliye Demirbağ showed her skills and taught students how to play.

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