Thursday , 30 June 2022

The Olympic Week was successfully completed in schools in Greece!

With the participation of 2,882 schools and 92,829 students from all over the country, the 2nd Olympic week in schools was completed with great success.
The conclusion of the 2nd Olympic week in schools was welcomed by the General Secretary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Mr. Manolis Kolymbadis, the Director of ETHNOA Mrs. Deniz Panagopoulou and the President of the National Olympic Academy Mr. George Alikakos closed by thanking all the teachers and students who embraced the program, giving them appointments the following year.
The Olympic week 2022 was on track for the environment and the planet.
The students made a very beautiful online journey through the time and history of the Olympic Games, met great Greek athletes, toured the Stadium and museum of Ancient Olympia, the Olympic Museum of Athens, the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki and OAKA, celebrated and discovered together the Olympic Values, friendship, the respect, excellence and connection of sport and Olympic values with the environment and they showed us by painting that the pericyclic process of colors, shapes and ideas about the environment, can become an adventurous unifying journey to the five continents.

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