Tuesday , 21 May 2024

Conference entitled "Autism Spectrum Disorders: From Evaluation to Intervention"

The Conference titled "Autism Spectrum Disorders: From Evaluation to Intervention" will take place online on 02 April 2022, coinciding on the statutory World Awareness Day for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders, looks forward to exchanging views on a multifaceted problem. Because indeed, the phenomenon of Autism is a point of anomaly for a number of scientific fields from medicine and psychology to sociology, technology and education. The research is interdisciplinary, intensive.

Apart from the purely interdisciplinary and research interest, on which we look forward to a fruitful exchange of views, there are pressing components of the management of the issue. It is now undeniable that the population of people on the autism spectrum is growing. Managing the issue, in addition to identifying the causes and addressing them as far as possible, may require the adaptation of institutional systems that are social pillars.

Considerations such as evaluation and early intervention, social care and the educational and social inclusion of the ever-growing population that falls within the spectrum, touch, by their very nature, on broader social and legal aspects. They thus become an integral part of a broader debate consistent with the debates of late modernity.

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