Saturday , 18 May 2024

Vindication for the Paralympian Antonis Tsapatakis. He returned as an Officer to the Hellenic Police!

In 2009, Antonis Tsapatakis was deemed legally unable to continue his work in the Hellenic Police, after his injury, which led to his disability. In 2017, his request for reclassification was accepted and he serves as a constable in the Athletic Service of the Hellenic Police. Today, the Paralympian is an officer of the corps.

After his swearing-in, he wanted to send a strong message to all the fighters of life through social networks.

Have you accomplished anything you never imagined? Today I accomplished something that I hadn't even dared to dream of... In 2009 the health committee of the Hellenic Police considered me incapable of continuing my service in the body.

Today I was promoted to officer of the corps after my victory
at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. However, I felt the greatest pride in the fact that I was able to re-employ another 14 colleagues who had been expelled for the same reason through the change of the bill I requested.
I hope that those who argued in favour of the original unjust bill will read these lines so that they can believe even that anything is possible, with will, faith, effort and love.... But mostly to believe in the possibilities... All!

*Every day, our fellow human beings with diversity in movement or in life in general (people with disabilities) are excluded from work because of their disability
" wrote Antonis Tsapatakis on his personal instagram account.

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