Monday , 22 April 2024

Visit of students of the University of Cyprus to the Olympic Palace

Students of the University of Cyprus, as part of the Olympic Education Course, paid an educational visit to the Olympic Palace on Monday, February 14th.
At the Olympic Palace, they were given an educational tour by the Dean of the National Olympic Academy of Cyprus, Clea Papaellina, and the Olympic Education Officer of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Giorgos Korellis, which gave them the opportunity to experience in the best way the importance of the Olympic Palace as a means of unifying all sports and as a link between sport and society.
The tour included the outdoor areas where the Theme Olympic Sculpture Park, the Olympic Museum, the Offices of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Sports Federations housed in the Megaron are located. The students were also informed about the role and the work carried out by the Cyprus Olympic Committee, about the Olympic Education programmes, the Cyprus National Olympic Academy and the Cyprus Committee "Pierre de Coubertin".
The visit is the beginning of a series of student visits, in the context of the activation of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus Olympic Committee.
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