Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Cutting the pie for the Greek Paralympic Committee

The established annual event of cutting the pie for the new year was held at its offices Hellenic Paralympic Committee.

The pie was cut by the President of the Greek Paralympic Committee, Mr. George Kapellakis, in the presence of Athanasiou Tsivili (First Vice-President of EPE), Thomais Theodoridou (Second Vice-President Ltd.), Christos Tzamousis (Secretary General ltd), Andreas Katsarou (Treasurer ltd), but also of the President of EOOM and member of the Plenum of EPE Mrs. Ioanna Karyofylli, while the Alexandros Taxildaris (Public Relations Officer Ltd.), Manolis Stefanoudakis (Superintendent of Sports Ltd),. Paris Albanian (Member of the Plenum of the EPE), Sofia Ntzouvali (Thessaloniki Office Ltd.) and Margarita Karadimitropoulou (Patras Office Ltd.).

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