Monday , 22 July 2024

The decisions of the Plenum of the Greek Paralympic Committee

The 4th plenary session of the Greek Paralympic Committee was held during which the following issues were discussed, among others:

1. The Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games and the participation of the Greek Paralympic Team.

The mission will consist of 14 people led by Mr. Alexandros Helmut Taxildaris (as it was decided during the 3rd plenary session).

The athletes who will compete in the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing are the following:

  • Evangelia Nikou, Alpine Ski Athlete (Para Alpin Skiing)
  • Profentzas Dimitris, Accompanying Athlete
  • Petrakis Konstantinos Snowboard (Para Snowboard)

2. The preparation of the presentation event of the Mission of the Winter Paralympic Games Beijing 2022

It was decided that the event will take place on 28 February at 13:00 at the hotel Atheanaum Intercontinental, where a strict protocol of guests will be followed (Entrance with a certificate of vaccination or disease). A press release will be issued in the near future with the call in electronic form.

3. The establishment of the National Paralympic Academy

The National Paralympic Academy will be in close cooperation with the Greek Paralympic Committee for the dissemination of Paralympic Sport and its philosophy, with a view to developing Paralympic Education programs.

The aim is not only to spread Paralympic Sport, but also to cultivate the pedagogical and social principles of the Paralympic movement to young people, to transmit the values of the sports spirit, to contribute to the fight against violence in sport. also the development of volunteering.

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