Monday , 17 June 2024

Proposal for the operation of an English-speaking undergraduate program of study "Olympism and Physical Education" in Olympia and Sparta

The joint proposal of the University of Peloponnese and the International Olympic Academy concerns the establishment and operation of an English-speaking undergraduate program of study on "Olympism and Physical Education". This program will be implemented in Ancient Olympia and Sparta and will be addressed to foreign students from all continents.

The theoretical program of the courses will refer to the History and Philosophy of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, to current educational issues around Olympism and Physical Education, as well as to issues related to the moral integrity, technology, governance and management of major cultural and sports organizations.

The high level of academic studies is a dominant goal on the part of both the University of Peloponnese and the IOA. There has been a long process of preparatory work towards this objective. Already the results of the postgraduate program (operating since 2009) with issues related to Olympic Education, the Organization and management of the Olympic Games, sports and cultural events, quality in education, health improvement, social challenges, gender equality and multiculturalism, were of a very high academic level with the corresponding prestige. Among the graduates are Presidents of National Olympic Committees, Directors of National Olympic Academies and executives of International Federations.

At the same time, the operation of this English-speaking undergraduate program contributes to the internationalization of the studies of the University of Peloponnese and the Greek University in general and extends its scope to the world academic map.


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