Monday , 17 June 2024

The Greek Parliament honoured the Greek Olympic champions in Tokyo

A particularly important proposal was made to the members of the Greek Parliament by the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Spyros Capralos, during the special event of the Hellenic Parliament in honor of the Tokyo Olympic champions.

Mr. Capralos in his speech to the MPs suggested that the professional rehabilitation of distinguished athletes during the period they are active should be examined: "I think it would be desirable for us to innovate and go a step further. It should be examined by the State, in consultation with all political wings, to ensure the professional rehabilitation of our distinguished athletes while they are active and train, fight and participate at a high level to give distinctions to our country. If we can deal with this issue of the professional rehabilitation of our athletes, a great deal of stress will be gone, so that undistracted and focused people will devote themselves only to their preparation", said the President of the NAIS and added: "I would also like to refer to a happy event for our sport, namely the institutionalization by law of the reinforcement of our sport by the taxation of the profits of bettors. Support equal to professional and amateur sport. I am sure that financial assistance to amateur clubs and national teams of all sports will help the development of our sport. I would like to believe, Minister, that the Hellenic Olympic Committee will also have its share of this aid and we are committed that all the money we will receive will be invested in the preparation of our top athletes on the difficult and lonely road of qualification for Paris."

Concluding, Mr. Capralos pointed out: "I am sure that the athletes we honor here today but I hope many others, will not only offer us moments of national pride in three years in the French capital. The most important thing is that they are already a role model and an example for the younger children, who from Tokyo onwards want to look like Tentoglou, Dusko, Petrounias, the players of the National water polo team. Athletes who are healthy role models, role models for the Greece of the future that we all dream of and want to create."

The honorary event was attended or represented by all athletes who were among the top eight places in the Olympic Games along with their coaches, while the support of the parliamentary parties was requested by the Olympic champions Lefteris Petrounias, Manos Zerdevas and Elisavet Teltsidou speaking to the House. The EUS was also represented by the First Vice-President Stelios Angeloudis, the Secretary General Manolis Kolymbadis, the Head of Mission in Tokyo Michalis Fysentzidis and the Deputy Chief Iakovos Filippousis.

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