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Meeting of the Mayor of Ancient Olympia with the three-grandson of Baron Pierre de Coubertin

The Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr. George Georgiopoulos, had a meeting with the three-grandson of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, Diana de Navasel de Coubertin, inaugurating a relationship of cooperation and exchange of ideas for the promotion of Olympism.

The meeting was attended by about twenty students of high schools in Paris, who are with Mrs. de Navasel de Coubertin in Ancient Olympia, as part of a project – study of the evolution of the Olympic Games throughout their modern era, from 1896 to Paris 2024.

Mr. Georgiopoulos, welcoming Mrs. de Navasel de Coubertin, expressed the special honor he feels by welcoming a descendant of the reviver of the modern Olympic Games. He pointed out that Pierre de Coubertin is for Ancient Olympia a great personality who connected the timeless values of this place with the modern sporting scene. He also underlined that the Municipality of Ancient Olympia is willing to cooperate with Mrs. de Navasel de Coubertin in view of the 2024 Olympic Games, in the direction of highlighting and promoting the values of Olympism and fair play.

For her part, Ms. de Navasel de Coubertin thanked the Mayor for the welcome and accepted the proposal for cooperation and exchange of ideas. The main purpose of her initiative is to introduce young people to the content of the cause served by Pierre de Coubertin, and this is basically done through three pillars:

  1. Linking art to sport
  2. Conveying and continuing the vision with fresh ideas through the youth
  3. Lifting of any exclusion of people with disabilities and women in Sports.

Finally, he stressed that this project is supported by Olympic champions and great personalities all over the world.

Source - Municipality of Ancient Olympia

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