Saturday , 13 April 2024

Start of the Olympic Week programme in schools

In order to train and raise awareness among young people on issues related to Olympicism, the National Olympic Academy (N.H.O.A.) in collaboration with the Directorate of Physical Education of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs designed the educational program "Olympic Education – Olympic Week in Schools" which will be implemented for the first time in the school year 2020-21, from 31 May to 4 June. The program concerns two age groups of students 6-12 years old and 13-15 years old (Municipal and High School) and its main axes of information and awareness will be the Ancient Olympic Games, the Modern Olympic Games, Greece 2004 – Athens 2004 and the Olympic Ideals.

It includes a set of actions that highlight the educational and educational value of the Olympic Games. Actions concern the acquisition of knowledge, sports and social skills and awareness of values such as friendship, respect for diversity, volunteering, solidarity, social responsibility. Also very important for the actors of the programme is children's understanding of issues related to human rights, the principles of democracy, high ideals, peace. Finally, this programme contributes to the acquisition of experience and knowledge on the beneficial effects of exercise and sport on health.

The inclusion of the institution of the Olympic Games in the Greek educational program is an idea that has long existed strongly in the thinking of the Hellenic Olympic Committee as it is important that our children know the concept of Olympism and the role of Greece in this World institution, as the home of the Olympic Games.

Due to the pandemic, this year, the program will be carried out online by the educational program managers of ETHNOA in collaboration with the teachers of the school units. Nevertheless, the actions will be many and interesting as they will include, among other things, live links to the Stadium in Ancient Olympia, interventions and speeches by Olympians and high performance athletes as well as great personalities of Sport.

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