Tuesday , 23 April 2024

Silver Paralympic Medal for Mousiadis in Weightlifting

In the technical review requested by the Coach of Georgia, for the last attempt of Razm Azar, was judged the gold medal of the -80 kg of the World Cup weightlifting on a bench hosted for the 4th day in Tbilisi. Gremislav Moysiadis, although for a few seconds he found himself at the top of the category, finally the referee overturned the judges' decision, judging that the Georgian's effort was valid, resulting in the Greek champion being in first place in the rankings.

On the first attempt, Moysiadis lifted 187 kg, but he was invalid in the second, at 193 kg. Seeing that the gold medal would be "played" in these kilos, the Greek champion again attempted to lift the 193 kg. This time his effort was successful (2-1 the judges) and the medal secured.

Razm Azhar, the only one who could steal his gold medal, put on the 194kg bar, with the judges calling his effort invalid, but the Georgia coach asking for a review. The referee, after consulting the video, considered that Razm Azar's effort was valid and therefore the gold medal went to Georgia and the silver to Moysiadis

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