Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Lecture on the soul of a child with a disability

I listen to the soul of a Child with Disabilities, the title of the Online Evening that will be granted by N. Lygeros on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 19.00, guest of the Association "STRIZO" and the Association "Care of the Child Katerini". The lecture will take place through ZOOM and will approach the subject of the soul of young people, stressing the importance of its care. Often the environments of the family, school, city and wider social system, focus on the harmonious evolution of individuals, giving weight to the body and thinking of small people.
But how well do we approach their souls? And how much more careful should we be if we know that the wounds of the soul do not heal with the ease that heals those of our body and thought? The gentle souls of small people in vehicles their bodies try to talk to us. The way in which the messages of the soul are approached and interpreted will be the subject of a study of this lecture. We invite parents, teachers and people who study and investigate the issue of the soul, to honor us with their presence by stating participation in the following emails [email protected] &

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