Friday , 19 July 2024

The results of the autopsy on the accessibility of the Acropolis

The autopsy carried out on the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis a few days ago, sent by letter to the Minister of Culture L. Mendonis, regarding the evaluation of the accessibility of the interventions already implemented in the area, the identification of points of need for improvement and the exchange of views with the scholars and officials of the Ministry of Culture to ensure the safe and equal access of persons with disabilities and prevented persons to the Rock , after the completion of the intervention.

In summary, the ESSA identified the following, described in detail in the autopsy document:

  • Improvements are needed in the parking spaces, for example the location and marking of stop-parking spaces for disabled vehicles both in the public parking lot on Robert Galli Street and in the area near the "disabled entrance" to the Arios Ice Grove and guidance marking towards the "disabled entrance".
  • On the routes on the Rock and the Historical Walk you need to install a railing, etc., accessible information signs, risk labelling, impairment of them, seats in places easily identifiable and accessible to all, accessibility of the Museum.
  • In the field of information it is necessary to create an accessible website with all the information necessary to prepare a safe and unhindered visit (hours, prices, possibility of assistance, safety advice, parking spaces, use of golf carts, points of increased risk, possibility of planning visits, etc.), as well as the exploitation of digital technologies and the creation of accessible applications.
  • Staff training: Training of golf cart drivers, guards and visitor service personnel with disabilities and reduced mobility in the service of persons with disabilities (basic escort techniques, communication methods, etc.) – with the implementation of the training by the Institute of ESOMEA (INESA), the availability of a limited number of manual wheelchairs, in the area of "disabled entry" for visitors who may need them.
  • For the service of visitors with disabilities and reduced mobility in the Acropolis and in every archaeological site and large museum of the country it is necessary to create a special Service for visitors with disabilities and reduced mobility.

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