Wednesday , 28 February 2024

The decisions of the Plenary of the Hellenic Olympic Committee

The Hellenic Olympic Committee at its meeting on 26 April unanimously decided to nominate James Filippousis as a candidate for Secretary-General at the General Assembly of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games next October. Mr. Filippousis is Secretary General of the IMA and is proposed for a second consecutive term in the elections that will take place during the General Assembly of the I.E.M.A. on 14/10 in Oran, Algeria.
Representatives of the E.O.E. in the General Assembly are the Secretary General Manolis Kolympadis and another member of the Plenary while the President of the E.O.E. Spyros Kapralos as a permanent member of the I.O.E. also has the right to vote.

The draft amendment to the Statute of the International Olympic Academy, which will be promoted to FGM to become the Law of the Greek State, was also approved.

The proposal of the three-member Committee for a federation grant totalling 270,000.00 was also accepted, money that will be given to athletes who claim or have already secured qualification for the Olympic Games.

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