Wednesday , 19 June 2024

The Cooperation Agreement on the establishment and operation of the Hellenic Accessibility Label was signed

Cooperation agreement for the establishment and operation of the Hellenic Accessibility Label between the National System of Quality Infrastructures - Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ESYP-ELOT) and the Institute of the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (IN-ESAMES), in the presence of the Minister of Development and Investment A. Georgiadis and the President of ESAMES and IN-ESAMES I. Vardakastani was signed today Thursday, March 11th. ELOT was represented by the CEO of NSEP-ELOT N. Kalekos.

The establishment and operation of the Hellenic Accessibility Signal, based on ELOT Standard 1439, is an innovative action based on the close cooperation of the wheelchair movement, which plays an active role in the overall process of awarding the Signal - as co-owner of the Signal, operator of the Registers and training body of the evaluation inspectors - and ELOT, responsible body in our country for the preparation, approval , issuing and making available standard documents, standards and specifications - as well as co-owner and responsible for the establishment and smooth operation of the Hellenic Accessibility Signal Committee.
The introduction of the Label aims to certify the universal accessibility of public and private sector enterprises and organisations, on the basis of an evaluation process in which persons with disabilities participate equally in the group of certification inspectors, in order to ensure the reliability of certification and the conditions of unhindered access of persons with disabilities to the infrastructures, services, procedures and products of enterprises and organisations.

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