Friday , 3 December 2021

In memory of Giorgos Foudoulakis tomorrow's track and field day at the Pancreatio Stadium of Heraklion

In the shadow of the death of the former president of the National Sports Federation of Persons with Disabilities, Giorgos Foudoulakis, is held tomorrow (Saturday) at the Pancreatio Stadium of Heraklion, a track and field event with the participation of several of the top athletes who are claiming performance in view of "Tokyo 2020".

The Board of Directors of EAOM-Disabled, at today's extraordinary meeting, decided that the struggle should take place in memory of the man who, with his unique vigour, his inseable character and his insistence on ideas and visions, together with his colleagues, put the sport of people with disabilities on constant rails of development and recognition. According to the program, the workshop will start at 13:00 with sharpening and will end at about 18:30 with the last races the bullet and the corina.

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