Thursday , 2 December 2021

Five Greek Paralympians of athletics at the Fazza Para-Athletics Championships in Dubai

The Greek track and field (three at the expense of EAOM-Disabled) will have a five-way representation at the 12th Fazza Para-Athletics Championships grand prix to be held between now and 13 February in Dubai.

Apostolos Charitonidis (T37), Konstantinos Kamaras (F38) and Thanasis Gavela (T11) will participate, while Sotirios Garaganis is also on the mission as an escort-athlete. At their own expense, Emmanuel Stefanoudakis, Loukas Ioannis Protonotarios participate in the games. Coaches of the Greek mission (at the expense of EAOM-Disabled) are Elias Athanasiadis and Nestor Kolovos.

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