Tuesday , 28 November 2023

The Festival 'The reflection of disability in art' by the University of Macedonia

The Festival "Reflection of Disability in Art – Reflection Of Disability in art" with the acronym RoDi, based on No. 19/22-4-2019 Meeting of the Senate, is an institution of our University and is organized every year from 3-10 December. The aim of the Festival is to support and promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities through their participation in cultural events in any role they wish, as actors, directors, volunteers or simply as spectators. Thus, during the preparation and implementation of the Festival, a large number of people with disabilities come into contact, move and coexist with people without disabilities in the wider ecosystem of the University of Macedonia, contributing decisively to the change of views and attitudes, especially of young people, on disability and, therefore, on social change.

In the context of the above, and with regard to the 3 Festival "Reflection of Disability in Art", the Festival's Organizing Committee, taking into account the data that require a radical change in the way cultural events are organized and implemented worldwide, has taken the decision to proceed with the event in an online format, with cultural events available freely and freely to all. This decision is based on the recognition of the Festival's obligation to the disabled and to all who represent diversity for its continuous and uninterrupted operation and to support, in this way, the ideal of social inclusion, but also of the University of Macedonia in general.

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