Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Heraklion claims world deaf basketball championship

A delegation of the International Federation of Basketball for the Deaf as well as the Hellenic Federation of Deaf Sports visited Loggia and met with the Mayor of Heraklion, Vasilis Lambrinos and the Deputy Mayor of Sport, Costas Vardavas. The purpose of their visit was the inspection of the sports facilities at the New Indoor Gym of Heraklion, in The Two Aorakia, as Heraklion and Ankara claim the 2023 World Basketball Championship for Deaf Men – Women.

The representatives of the International and The Hellenic Federation were completely pleased with what they saw while praising the cooperation they had with the Municipality of Heraklion at the European Championship of Football for the Deaf held in our city in 2019. The Mayor, for his part, welcomed them to Heraklion and stressed the undertaking of international sports events remains a key objective of the Municipality's policy on sport: "Although the pandemic also has implications in this area, we continue to claim important events because we consider the benefits to the local community to be multiple". The Delegation includes, among others, the President of the International Federation of Deaf Basketball, Ioannis Stoufis, the Secretary General Jurgen Endress, as well as the President of the Hellenic Federation, Joseph Stavrakakis.

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