Thursday , 23 March 2023

New additions to the sponsorship program "We support the New Generation of Olympians"

bwin continues to support Greek sport in practice, with five more athletes in the sponsorship program "We support the New Generation of Olympians". In a moving event, bwin presented to the Olympic Committee and the president, Mr. Spyros Kapralo, the young talented athletes who joined the "New Generation of Olympians".

In the sponsorship program that was already located vyron Kokkalanis (sailing), Dora Goudura (fencing), Katerina Delakas (athletics), Eleni Kelaiditis (rhythmic), Dimitris Papadimitriou (sailing), Konstantinos Mastrogiannis (karate), Konstantinos Zikos (athletics), Odysseus Mouzenidis (bullet) and Alexandros Kalpogiannakis (sailing), added five more members. They are Stefanos Dimitriadis, 12 times champion of Greece and holder of the Panhellenic record in the 200 meters butterfly, Anna Dodounakis, who excels in and out of the pool, the "golden" duo of synchronized swimming, Evangelia Plataniotis and Evelina Papazoglou, as well as the world champion in the 400m. mixed individual, Apostolos Papastamos. Their presence fundamentally changes the dynamics of our country in the wet element, as, with the support of bwin, all athletes will be able to level up in training, travel to more matches and tournaments and prepare in the best way for the dream of their lives.

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