Saturday , 23 January 2021

Golden World Medal for Panos Triandafyllou in fencing with a wheelchair!

In the greatest individual distinction of the year, Panos Triandafyllou arrived on Dutch soil. The Olympic silver medalist of Rio, won the gold medal in the wheelchair fencing World Cup that takes place in Amsterdam and is now even closer to securing the "ticket" that leads to the Paralympic Tokyo Games.

Triandafyllou, in a group and ranked matches, achieved a total of nine victories in 10 races, with the greatest of them succeeding in the semifinals where the Polish "bronze" Paralympic champion in Rio, in the same gun, Adrian Castro prevailed. In the group stage, Triandafyllou had five victories and one defeat, but in ranked matches he was unstoppable. He defeated 15-12 the French Knave (two medals at the Paralympic Games in the sword exercise), 15-8 the French Ifeebe, 15-9 the castle, while in the finals prevailed 15-9 of the Hungarian Tarjani.


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