Wednesday , 6 December 2023

Olympic Portuguese ship onboard for Rio!

The school ship Sagres, manned by cadets in their second year at the Portuguese Naval Academy, and which will be Portugal’s hospitality house during the 2016 Olympic Games, became the first ship of the Portuguese Navy to receive an award from a foreign country, the "Honour Star "of the Republic of Cape Verde, upon reaching the African republic of ten islands on its journey to the Brazilian capital.

On the journey to Rio de Janeiro, Cape Verde was the ship’s first stop, where it docked in Praia, the Republic’s capital, on Santiago Island. Before reaching Brazil it will also stop in Recife, between 19 and 22 July, and Salvador de Bahia, on 26 - 28 July. It will then reach Rio de Janeiro, where it will remain from 3 to 22 August. At all these ports the Sagres will be open to visitors, and it is expected that it will be visited by about 10,000 people per day. After the Olympics the Sagres will return to Lisbon, stopping again in Cape Verde, this time in Mindelo, on Sao Vicente Island, from 10 to 12 September. Arrival in Lisbon is scheduled for September 25, ending a 97-day journey.

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