Thursday , 21 September 2023

Barbarian attack by the actor Lazopoulos to the People with Disabilities

In his last night's TV show, the actor Lakis Lazopoulos made a verbal attack, which can be characterized from clumsy to barbarian. The presenter said for German Finance Minister Schoible, who lives in a wheelchair «When a man sits in a chair, his mind stays in one idea as well.»

This statement caused a storm of reactions on social media and not only. The reactions on facebook and twitter are really angry and the internet users blame directly the actor. Also, there is strong reaction of organizations of Persons with Disabilities. The most prominent is the statement of the president of the National Confederation of Disabled People, who expressed his rage and called Lazopoulos to apologize to all Greeks with physical disabilities.

The most possible scenarios for the near future in this case are two: the first is that the presenter may not even answer and the second one, he may respond with his favorite sentence ' My statements are misrepresented." The conclusions are up to you…

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