Monday , 16 May 2022

Ancient Spirit...Immortal? by Konstantinos Vasileiou

I do not have a requirement to return to the era of full of idealism and romanticism, in the era of social and sporting purity when strictly observed the laws and mutual respect was the number one driver of everyday life and encounters. Also recognize the progress of technology, society, ideas, schemes, and of course the rapid progress of the sport.

I nevertheless hope (so-called and delusion) that will be back the moment you feel even at minimum the real feeling and meaning of Ancient Olympic spirit ... I do not want to resort to hackneyed words, but i have to do it: Commercialization, rampant growth, doping, pactolus of money, underground trade, political considerations.

Or there will be smooth and gradual transition to the principles and ideals of Olympism, or -very fear - that there will be a time of descending, the time that the Olympics will be another sporting event without 'color' and substance without smell and feel of the past.

I wish and hope the Olympic Movement not to follow practices and policies of other related organizations (see UEFA), think and dream quickly dawned the day when all of us will be truly and entirely proud of the Ancient Spirit, the Immortal ...

About Konstantinos Vasileiou

Konstantinos Vasileiou is Journalist and PhD c. in Olympic Studies at the University of Macedonia, Greece

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