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The sports of the Los Angeles Paralympic Games 2028!

The 2028 Los Angeles Paralympics will retain the same 22 sports, with the Tokyo Games and the 2024 Paris schedule.

However, the International Paralympic Committee gave the organizers of the Games the opportunity to add Para-Climbing and Para-Surfing to the program.
If any request for a new sport is made, the IPC board will make the final decision by the end of 2023. A total of 33 sports had applied to participate in the 2028 program.
The sports that "missed" the opportunity to be included in the program are wrestling, football with cerebral palsy, golf, karate, Para-dance, wheelchair football, sailing, wheelchair handball and Para-Volleyball on the beach.Badminton and taekwondo, which were added to the Tokyo Paralympics are kept in the program.
Sports in Los Angeles in 2028
The sports of the Paralympic Games in Los Angeles 2028 will be: Para-Badminton, Boccia, Blind Football, Golball, Para-Judo, Para-Canoe, Para-Equestrian, Para-Table Tennis, Wheelchair Tennis, Wheelchair Fencing, Wheelchair Basketball, Para-Archery, Para-Athletics, Bench Weightlifting, Seating Volleyball, Para-Swimming, Para-Rowing, Para-Sport Shooting, Para-taekwondo, Para-Triathlon, Wheelchair Rugby and Para-Cycling.

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