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Entrepreneurship courses from Teen Business School for visually impaired youth

After 12 cycles addressed to students aged 14 to 18 from all schools in Greece, the three-day period from 2 to 4 December 2022 saw the most special Teen Business School event so far, for young people with visual impairment. The program was implemented with the overall sponsorship support of Deloitte, which, among other things, contributed its facilities, as well as a large number of its volunteer executives, in order to organize a complete training program.

In this program, which was piloted for 12 hours, 10 young people from Northern Greece participated, with ages from 17 to 26 years old, but also a 12-year-old student from Rhodes, whose transportation was secured again with the financial support of Deloitte.

Deloitte Greece, with significant experience and knowledge in advisory, auditing, financial, tax and legal services and risk management services, participated in the program as part of its strategy to help young people, groups and communities in need of support, either by providing pro bono or voluntary services to its executives, or by financial support.

All this effort would not have been implemented and crowned with absolute success without the co-organization of the Κέντρου Εκπαίδευσης & Αποκατάστασης Τυφλών (ΚΕΑΤ) which not only gathered and encouraged the children to "dare" and participate, but also trained the lecturers, while appropriately transforming the teachers' material to be given to the participants! According to the plan, a similar program will soon be held in Athens!

New online cycle

Now it's time for the next Online Teen Business School cycle: from Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 December 2022, students aged 14 to 18 will have the opportunity to attend lectures on entrepreneurship, career guidance, digital business and the interaction between business and the environment, as part of the 13ης organization of the No. 1 school of youth entrepreneurship, through a virtual hall (zoom).

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