Sunday , 21 April 2024

In Kefalonia, the Greek Para Open 2022 of Table Tennis for People with Disabilities

A major international event of table tennis for people with disabilities in Greece will be based on the island of Kefalonia. The ITTF Fa20 Greek Para Open 2022, will take place in Argostoli and specifically in the indoor gym "Antonis Tritsis" (September 30-October 2).

The events that will take place are the following:

Men's singles (in classes from 1 to 11)

Women's singles (in classes from 1 to 11)

Men's double (MD4, MD8, MD14, MD18, MD22 classes)

Women's double (classes WD5, WD10, WD14, WD20, WD22)

Men's-women's mixed doubles (classes XD4, XD7, XD10, XD14, XD17, XD20, XD22)

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