Tuesday , 23 April 2024

Disability Federation's letter of protest over the new benefits

A letter of protest was sent to the Prime Minister by the ESMEA, as once again there are press reports, which have not been refuted, stating that "in the context of utilizing the resources of the Recovery Fund, the government is discussing the payment of social and welfare benefits, from child benefits, to unemployment benefits and emergency aid, through a prepaid digital card and not through the bank account".

Every citizen with a disability or chronic disease knows his needs and is fully able to manage the benefit provided by the State, which remains meager.
In addition, a large proportion of people with disabilities, especially older people, are not familiar with the use of digital technology.
The disability movement will not accept such a measure, which violates the very human rights of people with disabilities, chronic diseases and their families. Disability allowances are granted to cover the increased needs created by the disability itself and do not constitute income.

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