Friday , 27 January 2023

Memorandum of Understanding and Understanding between H.P.A.T.A. and the HOC

A Memorandum of Understanding and Understanding was signed on Wednesday afternoon (22/6/2022) by the Secretary General of Sports and President of E.P.ATHLA, George Mavrotas and the HOC President Spyros Capralos. The Memorandum concerns institutional issues but also those of information exchange, education and awareness raising.

Apart from Messrs. Mavrota and Kapralos present at the signing were on behalf of H.P.A.T.A., the legal associate of the SGM and Coordinator of the Platform's Report Evaluation Team, Vassilis Keramaris and Olympian and member of the Education and Awareness-Raising Team of THE HELLENIC FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, Agi Kasoumi and on behalf of the HOC, G.G. Manolis Kolymbadis and the Person responsible for manipulation issues in the Olympic Committee, Fotini Karamanlaki.

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